Workshops in Vermont

Please visit the links below to see each workshop as they happened at the Boys & Girls Club of the White River Valley in Northfield, Vermont. Our program took place  from February-May of 2011.

Welcome to our Kids Share Blog!

USBBY Bridge to Understanding Award!

Welcome to PanaKids Biliteracy School in Panajachel, Guatemala!

February 15th Kids Share & Boys & Girls Club-Vermont

Learning Similarities and Differences (Cross-Cultural Sharing)

Guatemalan Kids are learning about Vermont Kids!

Mural Puzzle Pieces-Vermont to Guatemala

Map, Masks & Puzzles, Our Skype Meeting

Creating Our Mascot & Tissue Art Painting

Sharing Guatemala & Kids Share Interviews

Nahuales from the Mayan Calendar

News from PanaKids in Guatemala

New Kids Share Jingle, Astrology Tissue Art & Skyping Guatemalan Kids!

Finishing Workshop Activities & Having Fun!

Congratulations Boys & Girls Club Kids! We will see you in Guatemala…


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