Sharing our Cultures

Many children will not have an opportunity to travel, live and make friendships through sharing in another country.  To help expand a child’s global understanding, Kids Share Workshops create meaningful sharing opportunities right at home.

Our Kids Share Workshops are taught in two cultures, creating a wonderful sharing opportunity. Children meet each other through Skype and videos.  A team of volunteers travel to a partner school(s) in Central America bringing creations, stories and images from the children in Vermont. When they return, they bring back their new friends shared creations! Children learn similarities and differences about each other and marvel in the uniqueness of each culture.

Enjoy our Kids Share Interviews below and questions Vermont kids have for Guatemalan kids.

Watch Kids Share Interviews on YouTube!

Kids Share Interview with Shea (Age 10)

Q: ” I love frogs, all kinds of frogs! What kinds of frogs live in your country? Can you tell me and draw pictures to share with me?”

Kids Share Interview with Mariel (Age 10)

Q: “What is your favorite animal in Guatemala? My favorite is a dog!”

Kids Share Interview with Leo (Age 6)

Q: “I like to go hiking with my Mom because it makes me big and strong. Do you like to go hiking with your Mom?”

Kids Share Interview with Hollie (Age 8)

Q: “Kids bully me a lot. I would like to know what do you do when someone bullies you?

Kids Share Interview with Colin (Age 7)

Q: “Do you have owls in Guatemala? I wish I could see a real volcano. What is a real volcano like?”

Kids Share Interview with Katie (Age 11)

Q: “When I grow up I want to be a Marine Biologist. What creatures live in your lake, Lake Atitlan?

Hasta Pronto! (See you soon!)


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