Collaborating with Partners of the Americas Guatemala!


Thanks to he support of Partners of the Americas Guatemala chapter leaders and travel grants, Kids Share Workshops was able to reach a small community in Panajachel located on Lake Atitlan. Although this smaller workshop was not supported by Partners of the Americas volunteers, a connection was made with the Guatemala City Chapter.

With volunteer support from the Guatemalan Partners our team was able to learn more about the many programs supported by Guatemalan volunteers. Kristina and her children enjoyed living with a host family in Guatemala city while meeting with the chapter board members and discussing future two week, Book Making Workshop locations.

Kristina hopes to return to new Partners of the Americas communities in both Alabama and Guatemala, and spend up to two weeks focusing on creating a book together.

Visiting a rural Coffee Community in Guatemala

Thanks to PanaKids teacher, Alison Kelly  we traveled to one community in La Florida. There we meet with community members to discuss a possible Kids Share Workshop. The coffee cooperative is called ASOCAMPO.  Unfortunately we could not make proper housing arrangements and organize for this past year to teach. We hope to have another opportunity to return with the support of Partner of the America Volunteers.

This community is in great need of children’s programs and assistance with community development projects. Please contact us if you want to connect with this community to help. Thank you! Kristina

Day 9 (Skyping Vermont & Avacado Tissue Art Containers)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

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We had been collecting medium-sized plastic yogurt containers, and today we brought them all in. Out came the painted tissue paper and the glue, and the children covered the outsides of the containers with the colorful paper. Jeanne peeled off the tops and bottoms off of avocado pits, and the children pushed two toothpicks into each pit and balanced them on top of the beautifully decorated containers. The children will be able to watch as the pits sprout into little avocado trees!

The weather in Vermont must be rather crummy, as we attempted to Skype Phoebe’s Vermont classroom with the PanaKids in the morning but kept getting cut off. Additionally, we attempted a Skype get together with the Boys and Girls Club in the afternoon, but that didn’t work either. Finally we connected with a friend of Jeanne’s in Vermont named Nancy, who had been out in her garden in the rain when she heard her computer ringing.  The children wanted to know about what she was growing in her garden, and what animals she had. Finally, we all sang the Kids Share Song and then moved on to our next project.

Please join us again next week as we wrap up our Workshop at PanaKids School!

Day 8 (Paper Pallet Tissue Art & Interviews)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

 Phoebe began today’s workshop with the Kids Share Song, and the children are really getting into echoing it with her! Then we got out the paper artist pallets that the kids sketched on yesterday, as well as the tissue paper they had painted earlier in the workshop. With tubs of watered down glue and paint brushes, Kristina demonstrated how she wanted them to fill their sketches in with the tissue paper. Then she and Dina interviewed individual children on video and asked them the questions that the Boys and Girls Club kids in Vermont had for them. Some of the younger children were so shy! It seemed to some that it might be more fun to watch the interviews being made than to be in them!

Meanwhile, Jeanne worked with the group gluing the painted tissue paper onto the paper pallets. Each child took their work very seriously, carefully choosing the colors they wanted, and tearing or cutting out the shapes they wanted. As the pictures filled in they seemed to come alive!

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